Parallax Art Fair — agnieszkafraczakthecass

It becomes a tradition to visit Chelsea Town Hall for the largest art fair in the UK and Europe…this time I have learnt not to come here in the summer as the hall is like an oven inside. That’s just one part of the hall. The variety is mad here.. From fine art and sculpture,…

How to avoid illness by washing your hands

It’s only been 170 years since we really started to realise the importance of avoiding infection by washing our hands. It’s such a simple thing, yet how many people actually do it?

Helpful tips to beat stress and feel more relaxed

Relaxation doesn’t always have to cost money. In fact some of the easiest ways to help you relax simply involve switching your mind from chaos to calm. Take a moment now to read this blog and discover a few easy ways to beat stress and feel more relaxed. Read more

8 ways to get young kids to eat five-a-day

Do you ever get tired of seeing more broccoli thrown at the carpet than chomped happily on by your little one? Although it seems difficult to get your child to eat their five-a-day, there are a few clever tactics you can try. See how these work for you

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Varnish

Originally posted on The Practical Art World:
Is there any one art material that causes painters more grief than varnish? I doubt it! Varnishing oil and acrylic paintings is at best a tricky and often misunderstood process. This is because many artists consider it the final and permanent step to painting, which could alter the…

Top UK websites for health in later life

Have you ever wondered how you or your family will cope with health in later life? Whether you’re looking for information to support yourself in older age, or you’re looking for ways to help an elderly relative, there are several useful websites and organisations which can support you and your family. In this blog we…

Top websites for health issues affecting the UK

You might be too busy or stressed to think about it. But if you can make time, it’s worth thinking about how you can be healthier by understanding more about your body and mind. This blog takes a look at some of the top UK websites for health issues affecting the UK right now. First up,…

My top healthy foods this winter

Every year the same thing happens. It starts by grabbing just one person. It really seems to hold on, until that person is throwing verbal bursts of noise at unsuspecting passers-by. People sitting near worry that they’ll be next. By late afternoon, someone else is reaching for the tissue box. Uh-oh, that’s it. The common cold is spreading. Want…