Why art fairs are the best places for art collectors and artists

Art fairs are the way to go

The variety. The optimistic atmosphere. The shaking of hands. The excited faces. An art fair is the place where artists, art collectors and art lovers of every kind, can mingle and take-in the creative buzz. So why is it the best place for art collectors and artists?


For collectors

Whether you just want to add zest to your new home with a beautiful painting or two, or you’re keeping an eye out for something specific for your ever-growing art collection, art fairs are a great place to start. They give you the chance to be a child in a sweet shop, and gorge yourself on current and upcoming creativity – with your eyes, not just your wallet!

You can also:

  • Stumble upon the next big-name artist
  • Chat to artists and learn what makes them tick
  • Feast your eyes on a art from around the world, in one place, which saves you time
  • Discover traditional and contemporary art, for budgets big and small
  • Pick up original artwork – knowing there’s only one of its kind in the world
  • Get free entry to some art fairs – good news if you’re visiting several. Some can be as much as £10 per person

Remember: you don’t need to be an art expert or billionaire to enjoy art – if a piece takes your fancy and you can’t take your eyes off it, then you’ll probably be glad you snapped it up before someone else did.


For artists

Art fairs enable you to:

  • Expose your artwork and potentially make a living from doing what you love
  • Make yourself known by networking with the right audience, all in one place
  • Share inspiration and advice with fellow artists
  • Talk to and learn about your audience
  • Expose your work to a high number of people, local and from around the world
  • Increase your chance of getting work into galleries

Be inspired

Because art fairs attract a variety of people, usually offer a wide range of prices, and host such a diverse range of artwork, they’re extremely accessible to artists and buyers alike. It’s exciting. Collectors or buyers can take a piece of art away at the end of it, and artists can enjoy appreciation from those who connect with their work, with a further sense of achievement if a piece is bought. It’s invigorating!

Ready for your next inspiration?

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